Who else knows movies better than one of the guys behind IMDB? Probably very few people, so as the LA Times reports, when Keith Simonton, the managing editor for the website, predicts that Warm Bodies will take the box office top spot over the weekend in North America, he's probably worth listening to.

Simonton predicts that Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, will take $17.4 million from Friday to Sunday this weekend. He compared it to Zombieland, another zombie flick that has a similar premise of the teenage-love-story-zombie-horror genre, which scored $24.7 million. "People had heard that Bill Murray was in [Zombieland], and that added a cool factor," he said. "Something like 'Warm Bodies' doesn't have that cachet, so I'm already bumping the per-screen average down." 

Warm Bodies goes against all the zombie movie conventions by making one of the zombies have emotion. Nicholos Hoult plays 'R', a member of the un-dead who falls for a living girl (Palmer), whose boyfriend he's just killed. Reviews so far are middling, with some die-hard fans of the genre not enjoying its parodying style. But, out just in time for Valentines day should swing in its favour, as a love story with a twist.