Nick Cannon is too busy for love.

The 'America's Got Talent' host has been linked with the likes of Amber Rose and Sport's Illustrated model Jessica White since splitting from wife Mariah Carey - with who he has three-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe - last August but he insists he has no time to date anyone.

He said: ''I'm not dating anyone!

''I don't have time, first of all, I'm trying to focus on being the best father I can possibly be and business. We have so many things, from the book to my philanthropic efforts, to all the shows and movies I'm producing.''

While he is too busy for love, Nick, 34, has spend 40 hours getting a tattoo tribute to Mariah on his back altered, but insists he hasn't undergone a ''cover-up'' procedure.

He told 'Extra': ''It's done... I don't ever want to call it a cover-up, it's not a cover-up. I elaborated on what was already on my back originally.

''I will never be able to erase the past, so I just wanted to incorporate what was there, so we put the picture of Jesus and then actually the two angels on the side are my children.''