Nick Carter relies on his wife to help him look good.

The Backstreet Boys singer admits he has ''never'' had good dress sense so relies on spouse Lauren Kitt to cast her eye over his wardrobe and help him put outfits together.

He said: ''I never, ever have thought that I actually was very good at style and dressing myself.

''Now more than ever I let my wife help me out a lot...

''It's taken 22 years of trial and error to be happy.''

And looking back on some of his old stage wear, Nick, 34, is horrified by his sartorial choices.

Speaking of a stage outfit which consisted of a button-down dress shirt with a skull woven into it from 2005, he admitted: ''Some things like this, I have no idea what that is. I look like the guy from Puddle of Mudd... Very rock, I like rock but y'know, it doesn't fit me too well.''

And referring to the ripped bell bottom jeans and khaki shirt he donned to walk the red carpet at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards, he laughed to ''I don't know why I'm wearing bell bottoms, to be quite honest.''