Nick Carter says the Backstreet Boys ''saved'' him.

The 35-year-old singer, who had a troubled childhood and is estranged from his parents, joined the group when he was 12 and credits his bandmates, A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, for giving him the family that he never had.

The 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant said: ''They became the family that I didn't really have at that time. All the other guys had great families and great morals, and things that I could connect to and learn from, and really reflect with my own family. I was really able to learn from the guys.''

Asked to pinpoint the troubled spot in his childhood, he said: ''It was a lot about money and all the things we didn't have. It was just a lot of tension within the household and alcohol was definitely always around us all the time, so I was kind of tortured for so many years and had a lot of stress. I realised that I couldn't save them or actually have that family.

''In a way though, I was saved by the guys and God gave me a new life.''

Nick admits his success and ability to earn a lot of money at an early age caused problems with his parents.

The 'Everybody' hitmaker told 'Access Hollywood Live': ''Money tends to be the root of a lot of problems and it can enhance it, and that's really what happened in my household.''

While he hasn't spoken to his mother or father in some time, Nick working on rebuilding a relationship with his siblings, including younger brother Aaron Carter, 27.