The Backstreet Boys singer famously fell out with members of his immediate family after they partly blamed him for the death of his sister Leslie, who suffered a fatal drug overdose in 2012. He stayed away from Leslie's funeral and the family skipped his nuptials with Lauren in Santa Barbara, California in April, 2014.

Nick, who previously battled addiction issues himself, has since opened up further about the family troubles which he has been dealing with since childhood, revealing money and alcohol problems didn't help matters at home.

"(The) dysfunction in the family, it was a lot about money and all the things we didn't have (as a) lower-middle class family, and so it was a lot of tension within the household," he told U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live on Friday (09Oct15). "Alcohol was definitely around us all the time, so I was kinda tortured for so many years and I had a lot of stress."

The singer confesses his relationship with his mum Jane and dad Robert is now almost non-existent, but he has made an effort to repair his fractured bonds with his siblings.

"I have not spoken to them (parents) in quite some time actually, but I still have a good relationship that we're building with my brother and sisters," he said. "We're trying to make sure we can salvage that, so we're working on that."

Nick credits his bandmates with providing him with the loving family he yearned for and insists, "I was saved by the guys and God gave me a new life."

He has also been turning to the other Backstreet Boys for help and advice on how to maintain a good marriage.

"It's tough, but... I'm able to go to the guys in my group and see how they have happy marriages, how they've had happy families and use them as the examples to build on," he added.