Nick Carter's wife gives him the strength to win his battle with alcohol every day.

The Backstreet Boys star, who married Lauren Kitt earlier this year after being with her since being set up on a blind date by mutual friends in 2008, says she has helped him stay sober following his stint in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse in 2005.

The 34-year-old singer told Life & Stle magazine: ''After everything I went through, I could have died. And I came close.

''Drinking is a battle to me even to this day. What Lauren has done is given me someone to be accountable to. It's hard not to look at each other and laugh at each other. I think her face and her idiosyncrasies keep me going. Lauren has given me someone who I want to be here for.''

Nick recently admitted he knew his wife was 'The One' because she hates boy bands.

He said: ''Lauren is everything I was looking for. When I heard she hated boy bands, I knew she was the one.

''I want my fans to see how much I love Lauren and to know that I'm in good hands.''