Nick Grimshaw made his debut in the Radio 1 breakfast slot on Monday morning (September 24, 2012) and went down particularly well with the younger generation, it seems. Though the Manchester-born DJ was a surprise choice to take over from Chris Moyles, his penchant for playing contemporary rock and pop records instead of relying on too much on-air chatter appeared to get the thumbs up from younger listeners.

One man who has never hidden his desire to host the breakfast show is fellow Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, who may have felt a little hard done by not to snag the coveted spot. In a recent interview, he told Digital Spy, “In 2007 [a paper] printed that Moyles was being sacked and I was gonna take over. Of course it wasn't true, but I think if that had happened then I would have been really pissed off if I hadn't got the show, because I was next in line for it.” When pushed as to whether he would have taken the role now, Mills seemed a little unconvincing, saying, “I don't think I would wanna do it now, I honestly don't. I think the time has gone. I think there was a time period of about two, three, four years when I would have been bang up for it - that time is not now.” Hmm. Nevertheless, Mills seems genuinely pleased for Grimshaw, saying, “Someone like Grimmy is what they need. It makes a statement. I'm just pleased to still be on there and I love it so much still, but do I think I've missed the boat on this one? Not really.”

One listener on Twitter said of Nick’s first show, “Great so far, looking forward to listening rest of the week!”, though another scarily asked the DJ, “I’m miserable let me be your friend so i can be happy please I bet you”.