Dr Fox! Foxy! Remember him? Well, he's back and nastier than ever, blasting Nick Grimshaw for calling Robbie Williams "irrelevant" earlier this week. Grimshaw, who took over Chris Moyles' breakfast show on Radio 1, told 5 News that his station had deliberately omitted Robbie's new track Candy.

"I don't know if he's now for a Radio 1 audience. I've never listened to a Robbie Williams song, but I really like him.To 13 and 14-year-olds, he's not relevant - they've got One Direction. I liked Take That when I was little, but I'm not little anymore." Grimshaw had a fair point - most 13 and 14 year olds would take most X Factor winners over Robbie - though in a potential sign of how relevant Radio 1 are, Robbie's 'Candy' became his latest No.1 on Sunday. Without the help of Grimshaw's station, the single moved over 130,000 copies last week to storm the charts. Magic Breakfast presenter Neil Fox stuck the boot in on Tuesday morning, tweeting, "Brainless @grimmers @R1Breakfast claims @robbiewilliams is too old & irrelevant for today's teenagers! Some advice. Stop being a total nob." Though we'd never endorse Grimshaw as a beacon of new music, we're struggling to remember a time when Fox was considered particularly relevant either. Fox also told Radio Today, "I'm not the voice of youth but Radio 1 are crazy for saying they're not playing his (Robbie's) new song. He'll still be popular when One Direction have split up."

Grimshaw had previously taken up Radio 1's 10pm-midnight slot, once occupied by John Peel.