Radio 1 has lost over half a million listeners over the past year, and more since Chris Moyles left the station to explore pastures new. Replacing him with big haired Nick Grimshaw seemed like a great idea in efforts to draw in younger audiences, but it has proven to be a terrible mistake as the station's listenership has dropped enormously, reports the Guardian.

When it comes to most media aiming for young audiences is the way to go. However, when it comes to radio, and particularly morning radio, it just isn't the way to go. Chris Moyles was a great host for a long time, but after ten years any job can begin to feel stale. It was certainly the right time for him and his team to leave, but absolutely the wrong time for Nick Grimshaw to take up the position. Having begun his career on T4, the young presenter soon moved to Radio 1 and has worked with the station since 2007. In September 2012 he officially took over Moyle's show. 

Having lost over a million since the same time in 2011, Grimshaw also lost a further 40,000 from Moyle's final month to his first. However, while viewing figures from the younger audience of 15-24 have risen, overall they have dropped. 

Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper said: "I'm delighted with the figures and they have exceeded my expectation for a brand-new breakfast show. This has been the biggest schedule change in a generation, which has resulted in the station's audience getting younger." 

The station's audience getting younger isn't necessarily a good thing, however. The younger the audience the more they expect change and growth. For a nationwide station such as Radio1 to target a specific demographic is potentially lethal. Specifically, Radio 1 came under criticism for eliding Robbie Williams' 'Candy' from their playlist, deeming him too old for their audience. 'Candy' went on to be number one. Audiences never want to feel as though they're missing out, and by aiming for 10%, you're sure to lose the 90%.