Nick Grimshaw’s new breakfast show on BBC Radio One could well put an end to his partying days. The 28 year-old radio DJ now has to get up at 5:30 am – a time that he would normally be staggering home from the clubs. He’s been practicing his new clean-living lifestyle by going on a ‘detox’ holiday with Kate Moss to Ibiza. No, we know the words ‘Kate Moss’ ‘Ibiza’ and ‘detox’ don’t really sound like they’re going to work but Grimshaw insists that he and his model pal didn’t drink the whole time that they were there.

Grimshaw – or Grimmy as he is affectionately known, was used to having his celebrity pals pop by to the studio when he was recording his old show at the station but he’s getting ready for a lonelier life now. He’s well aware that your average celebrity isn’t going to be awake and popping into the city at 7:30am: “Pixie’s not going to be up at all,” he told The Mirror.

Despite a mixed response to his takeover of the show, Grimshaw at least seems dedicated to making the show work but insists he won’t leave his social life behind just yet. “Radio 1 don’t want me to be a hermit,” he said, seemingly relieved. “I can still go out, just not get drunk. Then you’ve still got all the stories and you can remember them for the radio.” And when it comes to the weekend – the world’s his oyster.