Nick Jonas has teased he may release a track with Ariana Grande.

The chart-topping musician has revealed the pair wrote several tracks together ''a couple of years ago,'' suggesting they could release a duet at some point in the future.

He admitted: ''We wrote a bunch of songs a couple years ago when she first started making her record.

''We wrote together then and had a great time writing.

''Maybe there's a collaboration somewhere down the road.''

The 'Jealous' hitmaker is currently shooting comedy horror series 'Scream Queens' with the 22-year-old singer, but insisted they won't be belting out any tracks in the 15-part run of episodes.

He said: ''This project is solely acting. None of us are singing.''

Meanwhile, Nick confessed he has no plans to get back together with his brothers Joe and Kevin to reform the Jonas Brothers following their split in 2013.

He explained: ''I'm happy to be doing my own thing.

''We're all kind of happy to be doing our own thing.

''We chose being a family first and not a band.

''Tough decision but it was the right thing for all of us.''

The 22-year-old hunk also spoke about Safehouse Records, which he founded last month alongside former Disney star Demi Lovato and her manager Phil McIntyre.

Speaking about the venture, he told ETOnline: ''We felt like it was time for us to set up our own thing and secure that we could create freely and in a safe environment.''