Nick Lachey has been talking to People about becoming a parent for the first time with his wife Vanessa. Talking to the magazine, Lachey revealed the completely thrilling story about how they settled on their newborn's name. "It's kind of a funny story" said Lachey, before adding absolutely nothing of amusement. "I've always liked the name Colin. We thought that Colin would be the name. And John is my dad's name." He added. "But as we got further into it, I learned that Vanessa wasn't a big fan of the name Colin, so we started looking for another 'C' name."

The answer came after Nick visited Vanessa's obstetrician's office with her on Camden Drive, causing him to one day suggest, "Hey, what about Camden?" We know; it's a story for the annals right? "We didn't really know anyone else named Camden. It was such a neat name. We fell in love with it and decided on it five or six months ago."

Of course, the big thing everyone likes talking about when they've had a kid is how they're dealing with diapers. Nick was no different. "Diapers are no problem!" he enthused. "I had a little training with the niece and nephew with diaper duty, and yeah, I've got no problem changing diapers. It makes for good bonding moments with me and the little guy." Lovely stuff.