Nickelback frontman CHAD KROEGER has dropped his appeal against his drink-driving conviction.The singer was sentenced to a one-year driving ban and a $600 (£400) fine after he was arrested in June 2006 in British Columbia, Canada for speeding in his Lamborghini.
He was acquitted of an impaired driving charge, but convicted on of driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.
His lawyer Marvin Stern previously planned to appeal, arguing police violated Kroeger's rights when an officer asked him to blow onto his face after detecting the smell of alcohol.
But after a similar case was recently abandoned by the B.C. Appeal Court, Stern announced the rocker would drop the appeal.
Stern says, "Just like anybody else, his rights are protected by the Charter and at the time of the trial we felt that his rights had been violated. The state of the law has now changed and we respect the current state of the law and are bound by it, and in law there's no ground of appeal left."
In Kroeger's case, Judge Peter Gulbrandsen called the practice of blowing in the face unconstitutional, but ruled the evidence acceptable as it was obtained legally.