Nicki Minaj set the internet ablaze when it was reported that she was looking set to come down on the side of Republican candidate Mitt Romney ahead of the US general elections taking place in November. A mixtape released by hip-hop mogul Lil Wayne called Dedication 4 featured the track Mercy and saw Minaj spit the lyrics "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney".
With the election coming up so soon, all eyes are on which way high profile celebrities are going, with the power of social networking sites like Twitter meaning that an open message of support by a star to their followers could have a huge influence. Minaj has over 14 million followers and, as Usa Today points out, election battles have been won by a lot less in the past.
However, given that she also sung about zombies in the same rap, it's hard to tell whether she was being serious or not. She's also tweeted in the past that the Obama healthcare plan should've gone further so it's pretty unclear where her allegiance lies, if indeed she has one. One person who clearly does is Clint Eastwood, currently the internet meme sensation of the week after talking to an empty chair during the Republican convention last week. He was apparently having an imaginary conversation with President Barack Obama. Of course.