As an artist signed to Cash Money Records, Nicki Minaj may have some insight into the drama between Lil Wayne and Brian "Birdman" Williams that surfaced earlier this month when Weezy publically criticised the record label for delaying the release of his latest studio album, 'Tha Carter V.'

Nicki Minaj
Minaj isn't concerned about the ongoing drama between Lil Wayne and Birdman

Even though Birdman and the 32-year-old rapper are Minaj's bosses, and are executive producers on her third studio album 'The Pinkprint,' she recently admitted she isn't worried about the record label's internal tensions.

"When you're at the top, there's only one place to aim at," she recently told DJ Whoo Kid. "They gon' aim at us. We good. Love conquers all. I do know that, no matter what, we're a family. We're not always the best of friends and chummy chummy, but we're a family and we love each other underneath it all. I know that Wayne and Baby love each other. And I know they're going to resolve anything that needs to be resolved."

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Although Minaj is known to be very close with Wayne, she also has developed a strong bond with Birdman, so while the pair are at odds, the 'Anaconda' rapper is staying neutral.

"I am Young Money... I ride with Wayne on whatever. That's just how I am. But Baby [Birdman] has played such a huge role in my mental stability," she said. "I don't know if people know, Baby will call you and text you all day, just making you feel good. Making you feel inspired. One time he called me like, 'Yo, Barbie,' he's like one of the only people who still calls me Barbie by the way, he's like, 'Yo, Barbie, I'm seeing your posters all around, you doing your thing, Barbie. I respect that.' This is Baby on my phone telling me he respects my business move."

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She added, "I love both of them. I'm praying that everything resolves itself like it always does with family affairs."