Last night (October 5th) the producers at American Idol released a statement insisting that all is peachy between new judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, after reports of tension between the two have begun to escalate.

However, in lieu of this statement, TMZ have come forth to reveal that in fact things definitely are not peachy and this feud is more than two years old! The gossip site has revealed that when Nicki and Mariah teamed up in 2010 on the video for Mariah's single "Up Out My Face," Nicki was nothing but a bitch. According to B. Scott, who appears in the video, the video was shot before Nicki made her major breakthrough and Mariah felt as though she was helping launch Nicki's career. Rather than being thankful for the opportunity, Nicki was anything but and as Scoot says, "Mariah went out of her way to be nice to Nicki and make her comfortable," whilst Nicki spent her time "making faces at her [Mariah] laced with rude comments under her breath."

A source close to Nicki has since dismissed the claim, saying that Scott only said these things because he works close to Mariah and wanted to make Nicki look like the bad guy.

Scott also revealed that after speaking with Mariah earlier this week, the songstress revealed that she wants this feud to be over and for the two to bury the hatchet on A.I. so they can concentrate on the contestants. If Nicki's behaviour at auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday are anything to go by, then we wish Mariah all the luck in the world in ending this feud.