Nicki Minaj is launching her seventh perfume, 'The PinkPrint'.

The 32-year-old rapper announced the new fragrance - to coincide with her third album of the same name - on Instagram, and has claimed it's ''by far (her) best''.

Along with a picture of the 'PinkPrint' bottle, Nicki shared: ''Introducing my new fragrance #ThePinkprint - launched this morning on Good Morning America, it will be available in September! This smells so good. It's by far my best!''

Like the 'Anaconda' hitmaker's six previous perfumes, 'The PinkPrint' bottle is shaped like Nicki. However, this most recent one is white with a gold face and pink bustier detailing. The fragrance itself will include top notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot and passion fruit, with earthier base notes of sandalwood and patchouli, and Nicki hopes it takes people on a ''personal and emotional evolution''.

According to, the 'Starships' singer said: ''My latest album takes you on a very real journey of my personal and emotional evolution over the last couple of years and this new fragrance does the same thing.

'''The PinkPrint' fragrance channels the raw energy of my music to create a scent that is unexpected, sexy, sophisticated, hypnotic, and so many other things.''