Love her or hate her, Nicki Minaj is pretty much a cultural icon in 2015, which really means one thing – MTV documentary. Second MTV documentary, in Minaj's case. That’s really the height of popularity on the music biz, right? So the My Time Again – a modern masterpiece in the making – is set to premiere on the-channel-formerly-known-as-music-television on Jan. 18, but viewers got a sneak preview ahead of time.

Nicki Minaj
In times of crisis, you can count on Nicki to keep her cool.

Apparently it’ll be sort of a “how far she’s come” kind of deal, with lots of behind the scenes footage and a few candid moments thrown in for good measure. Apparently, Nicki herself is just getting to grips with the pressures of fame and fortune. In the trailer,  the 32-year-old rapper says that "until you are in it [the spotlight], you really can't wrap your brain around it."

Watch the trailer below.

Some things she was definitely not prepared to deal with. Like, say, a boa constrictor bite. Miss Minaj definitely had to employ some leadership skills during a rehearsal for the 2014 MTV VMAs this past August.

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In the clip, we see the "Anaconda" rapper's visual shock when she learns that one of her backup dancers was bitten by the snake. "Oh my, god," she exclaims. "She got bit?!"

Indeed she did, and we get a sneak pic of the blood and gore that ensue in the trailer. Don’t worry, the dancer and the snake were both fine, according to E!, and an alternate boa was used in the show, while Nicki remained unfazed. Apparently, it just comes naturally to the Bronx-born 32-year-old.

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"When I was a waitress, we had to steal bread and eat that," she recalls. And look where she is now!

But seriously, stay in school, kids. My Time Again premieres Sunday, Jan. 18 on MTV.