Nicki Minaj spent between five and six hours in a jail cell after being arrested in the Netherlands.

The 41-year-old rap star was forced to cancel a gig at the Co-op Live arena in Manchester on Saturday (25.05.24), after she was held at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on suspicion of possession of soft drugs, and Nicki subsequently took to social media to voice her anger over the incident.

The award-winning star wrote on X: "Thank you to everyone who prayed for me today. May God cover you and all that is connected to you. May you be blessed beyond your imagination.

"Barbz, I’m @ the stock exchange hotel in #Manchester I arrived a little over an hour ago.

"After sitting in a jail cell for 5-6 hours, my plane still didn’t take off for another 20 mins once I boarded.

"The flight was 50 mins. 50 mins.

"That’s why they had to do the big song and dance b/c they knew I’d still find a way to perform even if it came down to my last 90 mins in the building which would have been until 1130pm. The building was willing to go past 11pm. So grateful to them for that.

"So they succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight. I succeeded @ getting to the root of it all by recording them and posting everything in real time. I have sooooooooo much video evidence. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.

"I’ll have the lawyers and GOD take it from here tho. (sic)"

Nicki - who captured some of the incident on video - offered an apology to her fans.

The rap star also suggested that she's been deliberately targeted by the police.

She said: "Please please please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies.

"They sure did know exactly how to hurt me today but this too, shall pass.

"They’ve been doing this over and over and over and over and over again and I’ve tried so hard to not discuss it b/c you guys deserve to just get the good stuff. I hate involving you in anything that isn’t for entertainment purposes only. (sic)"