Reports are suggesting Nicki Minaj ensured her dress was unzipped at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday 24th August. But was her near miss a deliberate publicity stunt or simply an unfortunate incident?

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj's LBD was certainly revealing even before it unzipped.

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Minaj was performing on stage alongside Jessie J and Ariana Grande at the awards ceremony when her low cut black dress unzipped and she was forced to finish her performance holding the top together. It was a very near miss as the Yves Saint Laurent dress was incredibly revealing even when properly zipped. 

The incident has been widely discussed in media reports and on social networks, but sources are suggesting it may have been a deliberate publicity ploy. Speaking to TMZ, a source present at the rehearsal claimed Minaj had checked to see how much was exposed. The 31-year-old was allegedly 'wrapping her arms around herself in a "weird" way' to see how the unzipped dress would look whilst performing. 

Nicki Minaj
Was her malfunction a deliberate ploy?

Before the source came forward, it was thought Minaj had simply run out of time to change. Gary Hood, a stage manager at the VMAs, claimed Minaj did not have time to zip her dress up properly when changing between her performance of 'Anaconda' and her collaboration with Jessie J and Grande. Hood did mention that there was an issue with the dress in rehearsal but Minaj had decided to go ahead anyway. 

As for Minaj, she's certainly mentioned the incident on a number of occasions via social media. Indeed she appeared to be attempting titillation by uploading a photograph on Instagram of her holding her dress, adding the caption: "I held on to that dress for DEAR LIFE!!! There was no bra and no panties to save me. Took real commitment." Whilst on another photograph, she wrote "God is good. As long as a nipple didn't come out to play, I'm fine."

What do you think - publicity ploy or narrow miss with public humiliation? 

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Nicki Minaj
Minaj managed to keep her clothes on whilst on the red carpet before her performance.