Nicki Minaj has reportedly given birth to her first child.

The 37-year-old rapper is believed to have welcomed her first child into the world with her husband Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty, after sources with ''direct knowledge'' told TMZ the star gave birth on Wednesday (30.09.20).

The publication claims the source did not disclose the baby's sex or name, and as of the time of writing, neither Nicki or Kenneth have confirmed the news.

Nicki first revealed her pregnancy back in July with a series of Instagram posts showing off her baby bump, one of which was captioned ''#preggers''.

The 'Anaconda' hitmaker first sparked speculation about her pregnancy in May after discussing her food cravings and feelings of ''nausea''.

Nicki listed the bizarre food combinations she had been cooking up, and said that whilst she had not been throwing up, she felt sick and had been going to the toilet more often than usual.

When one fan asked her if she had been cooking anything in recent weeks, she said: ''Absolutely. Steak. Shrimp. Plus my famous cheeseburgers. So good. Been rlly having red meat cravings then salad cravings with extra jalapeños. Ordered Chkn nachos that didn't come w/jalapeños. Who does that? Wow. (sic)''

Another fan then picked up on her comments and asked her: ''Are you also throwing up in morning and having to go to the bathroom a lot?''

To which she replied: ''Lmao. No throwing up. But nausea and peeing non stop. Omg what do u think this means guys???? Lmaooooooooooo. (sic)''

Food cravings, nausea, and frequent bathroom breaks are all symptoms common in pregnant women.

But Nicki's hints didn't stop there, as when asked to ''post a baby bump picture'', she seemingly confirmed she is pregnant, as she told the fan they would have to wait ''a couple of months'' to see her growing belly.

She wrote: ''Yea in a couple months. The world ain't ready yet (sic)''