WESTLIFE star Nicky Byrne feels most comfortable when he's naked - and finds himself having to constantly resist flashing his fans.

The playful popstar is a nudist at heart, and wishes he had the freedom to walk around without his clothes on.

He explains, "I'm always naked, always, honestly! I just prefer it! Just this morning we were in the bedroom and I was like, wouldn't it be refreshing to go out on the balcony naked! I nearly did it but then I saw loads of fans outside my window."

Bandmate BRYAN McFADDEN adds, "Nicky'll stand naked in front of the mirror and he'll call us in and go, look at that, isn't it deadly? I'm not too into myself naked..."

Shane Filan chips in, "Honestly though, give Nicky a grand to run through a hotel naked, he'll do it!"

19/02/2004 21:20