Paris and Nicky Hilton have total opposite tastes.

The hotel heiresses favour completely different senses of style, with Nicky claiming her older sister has a far more ''girly'' way of dressing.

She told British Grazia magazine: ''Our styles are night and day. Paris is all pink and glitter, super-girly. I don't think I own anything pink. But it works for her.

''Paris is unapologetic, she doesn't care about labels or trends, if she likes it she buys it.''

Meanwhile, Nicky, 30, says her own dress sense is ''very eclectic'' due to her moving around the US a lot.

She explained: ''I'm this California transplant living in New York City, so my style is very eclectic.

''It's a mixture of bohemian Cali beach girl with that downtown NY leather vibe.''

The former model is releasing a style guide, '365 Style', and hopes to help others thanks to the tome.

She said: ''I've had a unique perspective on this industry, from being a model to designing and I want to share the knowledge.''

The title references the three most common occasions a woman dresses for, six clothing staples for the season and five must-have accessories everyone should own.

Nicky explained: ''It's a method I came up with to organise your closet and ensure it's on trend.''