British pop star Nicola Roberts is eager to meet with education officials in the U.K. to discuss bullying in schools in a bid to help fans who have tweeted her about their teen tormentors.
The Girls Aloud singer was taunted in the early days of her career for her pale skin and ginger hair, and has opened up about her ordeal in new song Sticks And Stones.
The 25 year old feels has helped highlight bullying issues in society - and now she wants to see more done to help victims.
Speaking on Bbc programme This Week, she says, "It's so out of control. Society is very quick to judge these days. One of the good things about Twitter, is it sort of highlights the severity of the problem. Constantly, I've found with tweets, talking about people's personal situations, whether it's at school, being scared to go to school, people being scared to go to work even, people in the workplace.
"It really angers me and I don't like to think there are people out there that really feel not great about themselves. I don't think anybody is in a position to make somebody else feel that way about themselves, it really annoys me.
"It's about ego and position. I would really just say (to victims) you have to turn it around and you can't admire the people who are able to say nasty things so frivolously. It's not admirable. Effectively you are the nicer person and you should hold on to that."
And Roberts is keen to discuss bullying in school with education chiefs in her native Britain.
She adds, "In schools now it's so out of control, I'd really like to speak to somebody. There needs to be more of a support system. I get tweets every day: 'I'm terrified to go to school'. You're helpless, it's really hard."