Nicola Roberts would love to design her own range of shoes.

The Girls Aloud singer - who is renowned for her fashion choices - has recently created a pair of shoes to accompany her debut solo album 'Cinderella Eyes' and admitted working on her own shoe collection would be a dream come true.

She said: "I love fashion and I love the way that clothes can make you feel. I also kind of respect it so much that I would never just take my position for granted in the fact that would just throw a clothing line out. I would love to do a shoe collection. I have just designed a shoe for the album campaign because the record is called Cinderella's eyes it's my take on the modern day glass slipper, so to have fun with something like a shoe collection would be amazing."

Nicola has previously developed her own make-up range Dainty Doll and is thrilled high street pharmacy Boots will now be selling the brand online and in stores.

Talking to Alex Baker on Gaydar Radio, she said: "The whole team is so proud that we have managed to get Boots on board. They're backing the brand which is just incredible. It is a dream come true in terms of developing the makeup range. It is a store that I grew up going into and real women and real girls go into everyday and to be able have my line in there is just really amazing."