Nicola Roberts wants to get married in a derelict church.

The 25-year-old singer is a "hopeless romantic" who already knows exactly the kind of wedding she would like if she and boyfriend Charlie Fennell to decide to tie the knot.

She told Now magazine: "I'd like to get married aboard actually. Did you ever see that episode of 'Friends' where Ross was getting married to Emily and they had that rundown place and candlelit the whole thing? I want somewhere like that, like a derelict church.

"And I'd like to do it in the evening so the light is nicer. I'm a hopeless romantic."

Although she has some ideas for her nuptials, Nicola insists she is in no hurry to walk down the aisle.

The Girls Aloud star is also not planning to start a family any time in the near future because she still believes she has some growing up to do.

Asked if she plans to marry and have children with Charlie, she said: "I think so yeah, but not yet. I feel I'm just not ready for that 'older' thing - I feel like I'm not done being young."