Nicola Roberts' favourite time with her glamorous Girls Aloud bandmates is when they all relax at home with "rubbish hair and no make-up".
The group, which is currently on hiatus, is the biggest girlband in the U.K. and the singers are renowned for their coiffured locks and stylish fashion sense.
But Roberts admits that when they get together at each other's homes the beauties prefer nothing more than to pig out on junk food in their most casual attire.
She tells Britain's Company magazine, "Cheryl (Cole) and Kimberley (Walsh) are like my sisters. But we don't get to see Sarah (Harding) as much as we'd like because she lives in Buckinghamshire.
"As soon as we're together, it's like we've never been apart. We'll have a night in dressed in trackies (sportswear) or PJs (pyjamas), with rubbish hair and no make-up. We stock up on oven chips, chicken nuggets, olives and sweets, and put on (British soap) EastEnders, which we then just talk over all night!"