Nicolas Cage is planning a break from acting to pursue a more extreme pastime - as a licensed hang gliding pilot.
The Leaving Las Vegas star is entranced by the idea of soaring through the air with a pair of his own wings.
And he's looking for a break between films so he can travel to the Swiss Alps, where the actor has learned he can become certified to fly in just two weeks.
He says, "It's probably one of the most beautiful things a man can do. You're just soaring in the sky like an eagle... It's less dangerous now. They say it's not as bad as racing cars and it's probably no more dangerous than riding a bicycle, so I'm ready to get my pilots license."
But Cage insists he won't be taking up any other extreme sports any time soon.
He adds, "Skydiving doesn't interest me at all. There's no muscle in my body that tells me to jump out of an airplane. I just don't get it."