Nicolas Cage wants to star in a musical.

The 58-year-old actor has enjoyed an eclectic movie career but is keen to take on a musical as it is an acting avenue that he is yet to explore, even though he is "not much of a singer".

Nicolas told Empire magazine: "I haven't done a musical yet.

"I'd like to try that. I'm not much of a singer. I did sing okay in 'Wild at Heart', I thought, but I've since blown my voice singing 'Purple Rain' incorrectly in karaoke bars."

Cage revealed that 'Jesus Christ Superstar' would be his musical of choice.

He said: "I'd think I'd make a good Pontius Pilate in 'Jesus Christ Superstar'."

The 'Leaving Las Vegas' actor explained how he has taken inspiration from a variety of art forms when making films – varying from Edvard Munch's famous painting 'The Scream' to Elvis Presley and Andy Warhol.

Nicolas said: "When I did 'Ghost Rider' I was thinking about Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'. I tried to get the transformation scene to go right there (puts his hands on his cheeks and contorts his face into an impression of the masterpiece).

"In 'Wild at Heart' I was trying to approximate what it felt like to see Warhol's marvellous collages of Elvis Presley as a cowboy with a six-shooter. I wanted to see if you could do that with film performance.

"Plus, I think if David Lynch could cast anyone in any of his movies he would have wanted to cast Elvis, so I think he was excited to roll with it when I suggested it."