The Croods may have only just been released in American, but a sequel is already planned. The reviews may not have been perfect, but the money was good, and that’s why Dreamworks Animation are coming back for more.

The movie, which represented a financial reprisal for the studio, having miss-stepped with Rise of The Guardians, has made $144 million domestically since its March 22 opening. Internationally, it’s grossed over $242 million so far. Based on those numbers, Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders – writers and directors of the first movie – are in for a busy summer coming up with the second. Grugg, voiced by Nicolas Cage, will return (sorry, SPOILER HE DOESN’T DIE IN THE FIRST ONE) Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener. Cloris Leachman might be back too. Critically, the film wasn’t so hot, garnering an average 68% on review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. It was described as “Bold visually,” but featured “thumpingly ordinary storytelling,” according to Empire Magazine. Again, though, money is key. It’s a pretty good time for animated films. Finding Nemo has recently been handed a sequel; it’s called Finding Dory and will feature the vocal talents of Ellen DeGeneres as the forgetful blue fish once more.

Nicholas CageCage arrives with Alice Kim for the premiere of The Croods

Recently, films like Frankenweenie and Brave enjoyed solid runs with the box office, and were nominated for some prestigious awards. It’s just a matter of time until Toy Story 4 is revealed, surely. Although, saying it. It’s a matter of time until anything happens, ever.