The TV show “Splash” has a reputation of being quite dangerous for its contestants and Nicole Eggert is just the latest in a list of celebs, injured during the difficult diving stunts. The former Baywatch girl "bungl[ed] a high-dive and brutally back-flopp[ed] into the pool" while taping an upcoming episode of Splash on Thursday, TMZ reported. She was rushed to a hospital immediately thereafter. The dive was meant to include several backflips and probably would have been quite impressive, if she had actually managed it. A rotation error reportedly resulted in her hitting the water back first and sustaining some serious injuries. Ouch. Even describing that is painful."[She had] a bad landing," a Splash representative subsequently confirmed to E! News. "She is currently consulting with a doctor.” No announcement has been made yet about whether Eggert will be able to return to the show.

Eggert is the fourth contestant on Splash to be injured – the other three being extreme skier Rory Bushfield (fractured eardrum), Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb (back injury) and most recently, E! Personality Chui Bravo, who broke his heel bone in a “freak accident”. Well, Splash might be a cool challenge, but any celeb considering joining the diving competition might want to consider a really thorough insurance policy beforehand.

Nicole Eggert, Splash Practice
Nicole might pull out from the show, but nothing has been announced yet.