Review of From The Heart Single by Nicole Jane

Nicole Jane
From The Heart
Uk Release Date April 9th

Nicole Jane From The Heart Single

So let me give you a little background on this amazingly talented three piece act firstly they won Best Unsigned group in 2006, they have recorded over 70,00 hits on their My Space set, they have already toured the length of the UK in nightclubs. Now they are on the Lemar tour just to add the icing on the cake. With an album due later in 2007 this is the firs taster of this multi talented act. This is a slice of upbeat classy R&B that we haven't the likes of for a long while, reminiscent of the days of Blackstreet and that that whole mid 90's R&B scene. This is a classic and yes if a major actually had the guts to put money behind it would work because it is different enough to get the attention of the record buying public> Boy can these guys cut it live as any Lemar fans will find out on the tour.
Real Urban Appeal 5/5 Hit Appeal 4/5