Nicole Kidman feared she'd made a huge mistake when she arrived in Spain to shoot creepy film The Others after realising the script she'd read had been overhauled. The Australian actress admits she fought with director Alejandro Amenabar for two weeks in an effort to persuade him to rethink his script changes, which turned her character into a child-beating mother. As part of a recent roundtable discussion chaired by trade paper The Hollywood Reporter and featuring Edward Norton, Forest Whitaker and Ben Affleck, the actress revealed, "I read the script and thought, 'Great.' Then I went and did Moulin Rouge. "I went back and read the script, and there had been a rewrite on it, and I thought, 'This isn't the film I wanted to make.' "I arrived in Spain and in this script, I am hitting a child - and I saw this film as being about a mother's love for her children, not her desire to kill the children. "There was conflict for about two weeks between us (Kidman and Amenabar), and we ended up with a great experience together. (Later) he said, 'I am so glad you fought for that.'" Kidman admits her ex-husband Tom Cruise helped her through the experience: "He'd be like, 'Nic, go in and voice your concerns. Trust me, it will be appreciated.'"