The star-studded horror movie Stoker has been in the pipeline for over two years. With an almost unrecognisable Mia Wasikowska in the ever so creepy lead, along with Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode and Jacki Weaver as support, Stoker has already begun to make waves, enjoying a successful premier at the Sundance Film Festival.


Prison Break's Wentworth Miller wrote the script way back in 2010, along with a potential prequel, which he sent out under a pseudonym, reportedly due to him wanting to hear a fair verdict rather than one based on his fame. The outcome was it being listed as one of 2010's 10 best screenplays gone un-produced. All that has been put to rights, with a great cast and an exemplary director, Oldboy's Park Chan-wook. 

The trailer implies that there'll be plenty of deaths, a claustrophobic atmosphere and easily recognisable family dysfunction, all of which take plenty of influence from both Dracula's Bram Stoker (hence the title), as well as Hitchcock's iconic style, which Chan-wook has cited as an enormous influence. 

Stoker is the first English language movie ever directed by Chan-wook, but if the Guardian's good review is anything to go by, 'English' was no barrier because the language of horror is universal. Film School Reject's review is far less leniant, and while praising the cinematography sayys, "Wentworth Miller's script... sets up some diverting narratives only to shortchange or avoid them altogether." Decide for yourself, when it's out on March 1st.