Nicole Polizzi is married! After this announcement, you’re likely thinking one of two things. Either “yay, good for her, I hoped things would work out” or “...who?” Now, if you’re an old-school MTV kid like myself – or, alternatively, too young to remember the Clinton administration, then your confusion is justified.

Nicole Polizzi
With a second baby and a first husband, Snooki couldn't be any happier.

Nicole, aka Snooki, was the shining star of that gem of a reality series, Jersey Shore, which ran on MTV between 2009 and 2012. Afterwards, trough savvy branding and spot-on business decisions, she went on to get her own show with co-star JWOWW, start a clothing brand and now – a mother and several tens of pounds lighter than she started on JS, tie the knot with her dream guy.

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Featuring a Gatsby theme and JWOWW as a bridesmaid, it was essentially the wedding of Polizzi’s dreams, but it took quite a bit of planning to get there – that’s what she told Us Weekly, anyway. But the former party girl has definitely learned the value of self-care over the years.

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“It’s not that hard to plan a wedding,” Polizzi told Us of her Roaring 20s-themed celebration. “For me, it’s just that I don’t let myself get stressed out. I just enjoy the moment and I try to be positive about everything.