When 11.06.2011

Deena Nicole Cortese and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi are spotted acting drunk and disorderly on the streets of Florence, exactly what the mayor of the city was afraid of. The pair arrived at Astor Cafe in high spirits, having been drinking all evening yesterday. They headed straight to the back of the venue, where they were seen staggering around while trying to dance. Every so often, they came outside for cigarettes, but appeared very unsteady on their feet, so sat down to smoke instead of standing up. They eventually left just after 4pm, having been steadily drinking inside the whole afternoon, but when Deena saw twins Erica and Brittany Taltos enjoying a quiet drink outside the venue, she got very upset and started shouting abuse at them, branding them stalkers, even though the twins had arrived at the cafe before Deena and Snooki. Having finished swearing at the girls, Deena and Snooki attempted to make the short walk back to the house, while shouting abuse at passersby and locals. Deena was heard to shout, "I hate this f**king city" while Snooki kept her face hidden underneath a baseball cap. However the pair could not hide the fact they were intoxicated, with Snooki falling over on her back multiple times, leaving her with a cut head. A producer from MTV had to intervene, picking her up off the floor, before shepherding the pair back to the Jersey Shore house.

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