Nicole Richie washes her hair once a week.

The former 'The Simple Life' star has confessed to skipping showers to keep her locks in the best condition possible and applying coconut oil for up to two days to keep her hair looking sleek.

She explained: '' I only wash my hair once a week, don't judge. I'll just get into the shower and wet my hair, but I don't wash it with shampoo.

''On the weekends, I soak it in raw coconut oil and slick it back for two days. It just looks like product. My hair responds well to it, and it's easy. I personally believe that the less you do with your hair the healthier it is for it. So right now, that's all I really use on my hair.''

The 33-year-old star also admitted she struggles to do her own makeup and relies heavily on her makeup artist Beau Nelson for teaching her tips and tricks.

She said: ''I'm not really good at makeup at all. I can do a cat eye - top lid only - and I know how to use a red lip pencil. But then my makeup artist, Beau Nelson, comes around and experiments on me, and I definitely try to learn.

''He is a really good makeup artist. [Laughs] It's fun when you're just among friends and you can play around with different looks together. I get all my tips from him and my hairstylist Gregory Russell.''

However, Nicole does have confidence in her ability to care for her complexion.

She told Into The Gloss: ''For my skin, I drink a lot of water and coconut water by Harmless Harvest. I actually have very sensitive skin, so if I do anything to it, I break out. I just like to keep it as clean as I can in my everyday life.''