Nicole Richie's sunglasses collection is ''overwhelming''.

The 'Candidly Nicole' star, 33 - who also has her own apparel label House of Harlow 1960 - has been collecting eyewear for over a decade and confessed she struggles to find room to store every pair.

She said: ''I've been collecting sunglasses since I was 22. I've got leather cases full of them, and I also have a wire grid in my dressing room where I put all the pairs I'm wearing right now, because it can be very overwhelming.''

Fortunately for Nicole, when it comes to fashion she is a ''more-is-more type of person'' and loves layering chunky jewellery or smaller ''more delicate pieces''.

She said: ''I'm a more-is-more type of person.

''When I started House of Harlow, it was basically all huge, oversize very costume-y pieces because I used to only wear chunky jewellery. Now I'm gravitating toward more delicate pieces.''

The reality TV star turned fashion designer - whose collection is currently available to buy at and on the House of Harlow website - recently added new pieces to her line, including dresses, sunglasses and jewellery to coincide with the opening of her new pop-up store in Los Angeles.

She added she hopes to bring a 60s and 70s vibe to the store to encourage her customers to focus less on trends and more on styling the garments themselves.

She told WWD: ''I'm going back to what the root of House of Harlow really was: the camisoles, kimono and slipdresses.

''[In the 60s and 70s] People were using music to express themselves and they were doing the same thing with fashion. There was very little focus on trends, and that's something that I want to bring back into fashion today. You don't have to wear [the pieces] the way I do. They're meant to be mixed with other items in your closet.''