When you hear the word webseries, you might think of sci-fi or “Dungeons and Dragons”, but Nicole Richie’s new AOL production is more a “back tattoos and Chinese love symbols” kind of deal. The 31-year-old adopted daughter of Lionel Richie is no stranger to reality stardom, but the format of a five-minute web video is something else entirely. Still, she manages to fill the first episode, entirely focused on the removal of her back tattoo, with enough action to keep you (sort of) entertained throughout.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering exactly how and when Nicole Richie got her first piece of ink, now you can, courtesy of AOL. Spoiler: it was in a shady garage when she was fourteen and the guy asked her friend to hold his gun for him. Such is the thrilling life of celebrity socialites apparently. And now you get to learn all about it from people like Nicole Richie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hank Azaria, Rocco DiSpirito, Anthony Anderson and Sofia Vergara's younger sister Sandra, in 15 new webshows that AOL is rolling out as part of its original programming this spring. And there are certainly some gems to be found in there. Getting back to Richie, one of the pilot’s more memorable moments comes when she fires out the explanation: "I mean I'm light-skinned for a black person, which I am, but in like the regular world I'm actually olive-skinned."

There you go, ladies and gentleman. “#CandidlyNicole” exists and is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Nicole Richie, Paris Fashion Week
Just when you thought the media couldn't get any more involved in Richie's personal life, the lady got a webseries.