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Enough Is Enough: Nicole Scherzinger And Others Star In Moving Charity Video Addressing Conflicts In Syria

Nicole Scherzinger Jude Law Carey Mulligan

Nicole Scherzinger, Jude Law and others band together for an emotional video for the charity War Child, telling the story of 17-year-old Syrian girl Fatima and her traumatic experiences at the hands of terrorists in her hometown. The promo is part of the new Enough Is Enough campaign.

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger gets involved with War Child charity video

Celebrities including actors Jude Law and Carey Mulligan, comedian Michael McIntyre, and musicians Sam Smith, James Bay, Marcus Mumford and Nicole Scherzinger recount the story of one teenager living in Syria who was forced to uproot with her family and move across the border in a new video for War Child UK.

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Nicole Scherzinger arrives at Fountain studios for x factor rehearsals ahead of this weekend's live show at x factor - London, United Kingdom - Friday 14th October 2016

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger stopping to welcome the crowd at Wembley Arena for the The six chair challenge. London, United Kingdom - Saturday 9th July 2016

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger , Beth Shak - Nicole Scherzinger attends the Social Life Magazine Memorial Day event held at Seasons - Southampton, New York, United States - Sunday 29th May 2016

Nicole Scherzinger and Beth Shak

Nicole Scherzinger - The Weinstein Company and Netflix 2016 Golden Globes After Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at Beverly Hitlon Hotel, Golden Globes, Beverly Hilton Hotel - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Monday 11th January 2016

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger - The Weinstein Company & Netflix 2016 Golden Globe After Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Golden Globe - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 11th January 2016

Nicole Scherzinger

Stephanie Bauer - Nicole Scherzinger visits the Lowdown with Diana Madison at RevNew Media Studio - Hollywood, California, United States - Friday 7th November 2014

Nicole Scherzinger, Stephanie Bauer and Diana Madison

Nicole Scherzinger Claims She "Gave The World One Direction" And Asks "Where's My Cut?"

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger's recent claim will not sit well with Simon Cowell. The 36 year-old singer "seriously" can't figure out why she hasn't received any kind of payoff for the success of One Direction.

After all, she was the one who put the five boys together in the first place.

Nicole Scherzinger
Scherzinger wants a cut of One Direction's success

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Nicole Scherzinger Struggled With The Success Of The Pussycat Dolls: "Nothing Was Ever Good Enough"

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger became globally known for being the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, but as she was still only in her 20s, dealing with fame was a very difficult issue.

In fact, the more success the girl group accomplished the lonelier the 35 year-old star felt.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Scherzinger reveals that it took her several years to finally "chillax" and to start enjoying the pop star lifestyle.

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Nicole Scherzinger Openly Speaks Of "Paralyzing" Bulimia Hell: "It Was Such A Dark Time For Me"

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is the proud owner of one of the most desirable figures in showbiz, but the struggle to achieve this is not widely known.

Before the songstress finally became comfortable with her body image, she went through a "paralyzing" battle with bulimia.

And for the first time ever, Scherzinger speaks candidly about suffering from the eating disorder in the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.K.

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Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger - Isle of MTV Malta - Performances - Valletta, Malta - Wednesday 25th June 2014

Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger wrapped up warm in a black faux fur lined coat, leaves Tonteria. As she headed for her car, she had to negotiate vomit on the pavement - London, United Kingdom - Monday 16th December 2013

Nicole Scherzinger

Cheryl Cole Wins Multi-Million Dollar Pay-Out For 'The X Factor' Axe

Cheryl Cole Simon Cowell Nicole Scherzinger

One-time The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been handed a hefty sum by producers of the show as compensation for her speedy dismissal from the series early in its first season. The Girls Aloud singer was fired from the show after producers began to worry that American audiences wouldn't be able to understand her thick Newcastle accent and her contract was quickly terminated, without warning.

Cheryl Cole
The X Factor has since hired another ineligible star to step into Cheryl's place, Paulina Rubio

As reported by the BBC, Cole appeared in only one episode of the show before being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, who was initially signed on to serve as the show's host. Earlier this year, Cole sued the producers of the American Idol spin-off, Blue Orbit, for $2.3 million, citing loss of earnings resulting from her sudden dismissal from the series so early on. Cheryl had signed a two season contract before the show began, promising her a salary of $1.8 million for Season 1 and $2 million for Season 2. In her lawsuit, Cheryl also ask to be reimbursed for any expenses she may have had during her stay in Los Angeles, including her wardrobe and stylist for the show and living expenses, including food and accommodation, as well as interest, legal fees and "further relief as the court may deem just and appropriate."

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Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton Back On Track With Their Relationship?

Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger may be getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, as the Brit-driving star apparently visited her Los Angeles home this weekend for peace talks. The Pussycat Dolls' lead inspiration and the Formula 1 champion ended their on-and-off five year relationship seemingly for good last month, but now it seems that the pair are ready to give it another go as they attempt to make their hectic schedules work for each other.

Lewis Hamilton & Nicole Scherzinger MIB3
Lewis and Nicole in happier times

According to a report from the Sunday People, Hamilton had spoken to Scherzinger about flying over to the USA to meet up at her Beverley Hills pad in a bid to get their relationship back on track, a prospect that Nicole was also keen to be involved in. The couple apparently spent a few days together in LA to discuss were they go next in their relationship, and it seems as though they might be back together again. Lewis hectic, country-hopping job as a Formula One driver had made their relationship particularly difficult, with Nicole's own busy schedule not helping things, however it looks as though they have decided to try out the long-distance relationship again.

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Louis Walsh "Happy" To Leave 'The X Factor' To Manage Again

Louis Walsh Simon Cowell Sharon Osbourne Gary Barlow Nicole Scherzinger

Louis Walsh has confirmed he will be leaving The X Factor after this season and that he is "happy" with his decision to leave the ever-popular reality series behind him.

Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh at The X Factor auditions at Wembley Arena, London.

Speaking to TV Times magazine, he said he is looking forward to returning to his role as a manager. On his decision to leave he said "I'm happy this is going to be my last year. I've been judging X-Factor for 10 years so I've done it all."

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One Direction: Going Our Way - Clips

British pop heartthrobs One Direction became a worldwide sensation when they were thrust together on the 2010 series of 'The X Factor' after initially auditioning separately. The landed a prestigious Guinness World Record after becoming the first British band to debut at number one on the US Billboard 200 with their debut album 'Up All Night'; an achievement that not even The Beatles managed to claim. This telling documentary features a series of interviews with various people in the music industry as they determine what this '1D Mania' is all about, who really founded the band in the first place and the high-profile tabloid stories of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

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Miley Cyrus Makes Out With Creepy Giant Baby: Is She Still Engaged?

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Noah Cyrus Pixie Geldof Nicole Scherzinger

Singer Miley Cyrus and her actor Liam Hemsworth have reportedly been engaged since 2012 but amidst a storm of on/off rumours, it's hard to tell whether they're still sweet on one another or not. Judging by Miley Cyrus' behaviour recently, you wouldn't think she was getting ready to settle down into married life. Engagement is the ultimate commitment for any couple, so you'd think she'd have more on her mind than partying hard, twerking, and making out with giant babies.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Was Greeted By At Least 150 Fans When She Arrived At BBC Radio 1's London Studios.

Say what? Indeed, Cyrus was pictured in celeb-infested London nightclub Cirque le Soir getting off with a topless man wearing a bib and a seriously creepy baby head, reports The Daily Mail. Miley and pals Nicole Scherzinger and Pixie Geldof hit the clubs on a recent jaunt in London town but did they know photographers were lurking? With no official word of whether Cyrus and her fiancé have split yet, we can only assume that Cyrus didn't care whether her Hunger Games actor beau knew about this one.

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Nicole Scherzinger Steals The Show As X-Factor Kicks Off In London [Pictures]

Gary Barlow Sharon Osbourne Louis Walsh Simon Cowell Little Mix Frankie Cocozza Nicole Scherzinger

Fans whooped with delight as X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger arrived on the red carpet outside Wembley Arena. 2013 marks Ozzy Osbourne's wife, Sharon's first return as a judge on the panel in six years, whilst Nicole, Louis and Gary all returning from last series.

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger Wowed In A Hot Pink Shirt.

As reported by the Press Association via The Independent, Take That's Gary Barlow described Sharon's return as mingling with "royalty," showing his excitement to be working alongside the Black Sabbath manager: "It's great fun, and she's unpredictable and you can't plan for anything. But it's great and it's really good to have her back," He also added that already battle lines were being drawn between the four judges, with Sharon and Louis tending to take sides against him and Nicole, describing the split as "artists versus managers."

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Nicole Scherzinger Split From Lewis Hamilton Leaves Singer Heartbroken

Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger's split from Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton has left the former Pussycat Dolls singer "heartbroken" and "completely devastated," though it seems the decision to end their five year relationship was mutual. The couple are believed to have gone their separate ways after it became apparent their busy working schedules left little time for each other.

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton [L] and Nicole Scherzinger [R] At The Men In Black III Premiere

A source told Mail Online: "Nicole is just so heartbroken and completely devastated." The news comes just weeks after Hamilton hinted that he was planning to propose to Nicole, 34, "We've been together for five years, which is quite a milestone really. But hopefully in the near future. Maybe before we get to six years," he said.

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Is Nicole Scherzinger Leaving X Factor?

Nicole Scherzinger

Tough times for Nicole Scherzinger: she just doesn’t know if she wants to go back on X Factor or not - which means we all get bored while various sources wring their hands and talk about how tough the decision is for her. Oh look, here’s one now:

“Nicole just doesn't know if she can do both. It really is all or nothing for Nicole - she wants to be able to give 100% to whatever she signs up for” an insider told the MailOnline, continuing, “They've offered her a good deal but are still talking to her to work out if she can do both. She hasn't said no yet because she loves the UK - she got an amazing reaction from the public and she has set up her home here in London.”

Scherzinger was thought to be all but confirmed to be making a return for the new series, after impressing hugely as a judge on the last run-out. However, as this chat-happy source insists, it seems like things are far from clear. “The future's uncertain,” they said “and Nicole is concerned that it's a huge commitment to take both on. She's torn between the two and has to choose between one or the other - she loves both and she's in an impossible situation.” Please do it Nicole, we don’t want to write any more stories like this.

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Perhaps For Mothers Day Nicole Scherzinger Will Wear Some More Clothes

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger has a penchant for being scantily clad. She certainly likes to flaunt her body, much to (some) of her fans’ delight. But there is someone who would prefer her to keep her clothes on; her deeply religious mother, Rosemary Elikolani.

"I'm thirtysomething and she still calls me and scolds me. She says, 'I always tell you to not compromise yourself, Nicole'. She sees me as the highest daughter. She's very spiritual. She keeps me grounded she's my rock,” explains the Pussycat Doll. "The better part of me is my mother. I'm sure she's going to scold me for wearing a top that showed my bra while coming out of a restaurant in London the other day." The video for 'Hush Hush' sees Nicole getting out of a bath naked. She admitted: "When my video 'Hush Hush' came out, I was in the bathtub and she was like, 'You don't have to do that!' She's such a mum and I love her for that. She keeps me on the straight and narrow. She follows my career - that damn Google! I think my videos are art, but she has a different opinion!"

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger performs at G-A-Y - London, United KingdomPerhaps this is the kind of thing Nicole's mum would prefer to see

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The Man Who Would Be King: James Arthur Shows Off New Tattoo

James Arthur The X Factor Caroline Flack Nicole Scherzinger

James Arthur showed off his latest tattoo while out and about in London this week. The X Factor winner, who had a number one hit with a cover of Shontelle's Impossible, revealed the tattoo while partying with The Xtra Factor host Caroline at London's exclusive Groucho Club, reports Capital FM.

James - a big fan of body art - has King Arthur tattooed on his hand. Speaking about his latest inking, the Middlesbrough singer said, "[It's] King Arthur look! Yeah, well it's more like I was a pauper and now I'm fulfilling my purpose so I feel like a king." He also has the words "love" and "hate" tattooed on his knuckles. Though James seemed to be having a whale of a time with friend Caroline, the night didn't end too successfully. The 24-year-old headed to a local shop to pick up some cigarettes before making his way home, only to find he had forgotten his keys! The singer was eventually helped out by passing police officers, who came to the rescue. 

Though Arthur has made no secret of his love for the opposite sex, it seems there's only one woman for him. Tweeting on Thursday (January 24, 2012), he said, "Any time I catch a glimpse of my video for impossible i always really miss @NicoleScherzy best mentor/women I've ever met #LOVE."

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Lewis Hamilton Music Career Just Beginning, Reveals Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton

It appears as though Lewis Hamilton is pursuing a career in music to add to his impressive achievements as a Formula One driver. Whether his musical talents will match his on the track, though, is yet to be seen. 

"He's working on some music and I'm working on my music. We can harmonise as one," confirmed Nicol Scherzinger - girlfriend of Hamilton and X-Factor judge seems very proud of her beau for entering into a different field. Her field. She's become somewhat famous for her wacky outbursts as well her pop exploits in recent years. The 34-year-old declared: "I'm a nutcase is what I am.  And then shamazing was born.  And it's in the dictionary.  We've got to get it in the dictionary.  And then we took it up a level and gave them "shamazeballs"."

In a further mishmash of, well, something, she told Capital FM's Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon: "Last night I was disappointed when he didn't win at the National Television Awards but I was quite amused when I walked up to the stand to present and I swear to you, I looked at Dermot and the mics, they were two balls put together and I was like are you guys punking me right now?  I was like 'there he goes, speaking between the balls.  Do what you do best Derm, do what you do best.'"

Pictures: Tom Cruise Makes Action Hero Exit From Jack Reacher Premiere Featuring Rosamund Pike, Nicole Scherzinger And Tom Hardy

Tom Cruise Rosamund Pike Robert Duvall Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton Tom Hardy

Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher Premiere

Tom Cruise at the Jack Reacher premiere in London. The 5'7 star has come under fire for playing a character 6'2 in book form

As tall as he draws his posture, there's no way Tom Cruise is anywhere near the height of six foot two that the eponymous character he plays in Jack Reacher is in the original book written by Lee Child. Yet it's Cruise who was given the role for the forthcoming film adaptation and, to be fair to him, he took it with the blessing of Child. Both were in attendance for the film's premiere in London last night (December 10) alongside the rest of the cast including Rosamund Pike and Robert Duvall, whilst director Christopher McQuarrie also put an appearance in. 

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Cheryl Cole Answers Simon Cowell's SOS For X-Factor Return

Cheryl Cole Simon Cowell The X Factor Gary Barlow Nicole Scherzinger Louis Walsh Girls Aloud

In potentially worrying news for Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole has flown to Los Angeles for showdown talks with Simon Cowell about returning to x factor. The show has been blighted by poor viewing figures, poor acts and a pretty appalling judging panel this year and Cowell is ready to bring back the Girls Aloud star.

It's thought that either Cowell himself or Cole must return to the judging panel for the show to regain any sort of credibility. Gary Barlow hasn't made the grade as head judge, while Nicole Scherzinger doesn't appear to be gelling with the British public. Louis Walsh is never going to leave, so there's little point in even speculating. Anyway, it's likely that either Nicole or Gary will leave at the end of the current season, paving the way for Cheryl to get back into the hot seat. The Geordie singer arrived at Simon Cowell's Los Angeles mansion at 8pm on Wednesday (November 28, 2012) and stayed for three-and-a-half hours, according to the Daily Mirror. It is thought the two were discussing Cheryl's return to X Factor, which Cowell sees as a way of reinvigorating the ailing show. The meeting comes 18 months after he sensationally sacked Cheryl from the US version of the singing show after just a couple of weeks of auditions. 

In his recent biography, Cowell he admitted falling for Cole during their time working together. The music mogul, 52, told friends he was "mesmerised" by Cheryl, adding, "I would have liked an affair with her. I felt like a mouse being played with by a beautiful cat."  Bit weird.

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Derek Hough Casts Doubts Of Dancing With Stars Return

Derek Hough Jennifer Grey Nicole Scherzinger

Was Derek Hough's dance with Shawn Johnson in Tuesday night's "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars" finale his last one? A video posted before said dance has hinted, rather heavily we might add, that it is. 

Derek Hough said that winning the "All-Star" season would have been a "perfect ending," MSN's The Clicker reported. "I can't say right now," he told TODAY on the post-show press line last night. "I was shocked at how I reacted and was sort of overwhelmed. I could barely speak to be honest. All the memories of the show, the people I've met and how amazing this family is (overwhelmed me.) I couldn't describe the feeling," he added. But what will he do you might ask, well, in the more cryptic part of his little speech, he shed very little light on that. "There is so much more I want to do," he said. "It's just about (finding) the next chapter." And perhaps even more cryptically, he said,"I will always want to be a part of the show in some way." Hmm. 

Hough seems to have reached a point where he's achieved everything he can on the show, where he is currently a three-time champion with Brook Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jennifer Grey. He can sing, dance and act, so we're pretty sure whatever he does, he'll be a hit. 

Nicole Scherzinger Rushes To The US In Mourning For Grandmother

Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton

On Saturday's show, Nicole Scherzinger seemed distinctly less upbeat than normal, she spoke through tears after District 3's performance of Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven', saying that the song had particular significance for her on that day. The resonance and importance of her tears we've only learned today, as it has now been reported that Nicole lost her grandmother on Saturday morning.

The Mirror reported yesterday that the pair were jetting off for a romantic break, having not been able to spend much time together recently, however, in light of today's revelation it has become apparent that she is in fact returning home for far less joyful purposes. It is thought that her commitments to the X Factor will bring her back either tomorrow (Nov 14th 2012) or Thursday which may mean she'll miss her grandmother's funeral. Boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton who went with her over the the US, will probably stay state-side as he has an F1 race in Texas on Saturday. 

While the Mirror questions whether Scherzinger will miss the X Factor for her grandmother's funeral, our concern is far more for the family. Although the X Factor judge obviously has commitments to her three contestants still left in the competition, Jahmene, James Arthur and Rylan Clark, it will be more than understandable if she can't make it back. We at Contact Music wish all the best for the Nicole and all her family, and send our condolences. 

Technology Meets Fashion In Nicole Scherzinger's Twitter Dress

Nicole Scherzinger

X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger turned up at the launch of 4G from EE at the London Battersea Powerstation to help promote the new, faster connection, wearing a dress that reflected the technological theme of the time: The world's first 'Twitter dress'.

The 'Twitter Dress' was full thousands of tiny LED lights that responded to tweets sent in, lighting up according to the use of the hashtag #tweetthedress. The dress was from the creative minds at Cute Circuit who are at the forefront of interactive and technology fuelled fashion, with other celebrity clientele including Katy Perry and U2, reports the Daily Mail. Speaking to the Telegraph, creative director of Cute Circuit Francesca Rosella said: "EE approached us and said they wanted to do something spectacular with Nicole Scherzinger... Nicole really knows what she likes, and she's so beautiful. She had lots of input in the design of the gown, and we kept bouncing ideas back and forth." 

Scherzinger also performed one of her Pussy Cat Doll songs as well as her latest single at the event, which was full of British celebrities, including James Nesbitt, Louis Spence and a whole host of reality TV stars from TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.

Nicole Scherzinger: How To Handle A Long-Distance Relationship

Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton Chris Brown

Nicole Scherzinger has been dating F1 driver Lewis Hamilton for four years and recently she has spoken about how difficult it is to conduct a well-working long-distance relationship. In fact, she said to the Sun that she "wouldn't wish it on anyone."

However, despite the difficulties and hardships that are inevitable in the kind of relationship they have, Scherzinger believes that she and Hamilton have a strong relationship based on trust. This was really put to the test recently when photos of the X-Factor judge getting a little too close for comfort to Rihanna's ex, Chris Brown. She confounded the rumours, "You are always going to have people saying something or having a picture." She said, "But it is complete dross if you and your partner know what the truth is. Chris Brown and I are definitely just mates - I have known him since he was younger than 16." And in the Metro she is reported talking about press in general; 'It's a part of it, you know, and you just got to pay no time to it. The press does not define you, you know who you are deep inside."

Using words such as 'mate' she seems to have forgotten who she is deep down inside, opting for British terminology rather than American. However this is probably all due to Hamilton's family who have embraced her wholly and integrated her into London life. As reported, "Lewis has helped her settle in London by introducing her to his pals, adding that his family has also been a huge help."

Has Gary Barlow Threatened To Quit X Factor?

Gary Barlow Louis Walsh Simon Cowell Nicole Scherzinger

Gary Barlow has allegedly threatened to quit the UK version of the X Factor following his falling out with fellow judge Louis Walsh over an apparent voting scam.

According to Perez Hilton, the feud stretches back to last Sunday’s show (October 7, 2012) Walsh, who was seemingly gunning for contestant Carolynne Poole to progress to the next round, was instructed by the show’s producer Richard Holloway (who is said to be best friends with Simon Cowell) to vote in a particular way that would ultimately lead to Poole being eliminated from the show. Now Gary, who is head judge on the show, is not a happy bunny at all and after a spat with Louis, the former Take That star is now threatening to leave the show amidst the controversy.
Gary, who immediately stormed off the set after the result was announced, is said to have had a meeting with the show’s execs afterwards to give his ultimatum: no more faking, otherwise he is leaving.

Gary isn’t the only one to clock on to the unusual voting habits either, as an estimated 1,000 people called into the show and an independent media watchdog to complain about how the show was being run.

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Nicole Scherzinger Faces Pussycat Dolls Backlash Over ‘95%’ Remarks

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls Kaya Jones

Yeah, we thought this might happen. No sooner had Nicole Scherzinger declared she sang "95%" of the Pussycat Dolls' material, than her former band-mates were slamming her as a limelight hogging good-for-nothing!

As we reported last week, Nicole - now a judge on The X Factor UK - claimed she sang the majority of the girl group's material, letting the rest of the band listen and learn the tracks once they were complete. However, former band-mate Kaya Jones is the first of the hugely successful performers to deny the story, telling, "there was a lot more going on behind the scenes," and adding, "Nicole was always someone who wanted to be in the spotlight and would do pretty much anything to get it.To call the other girls in the Pussycat Dolls "window dressings" is a bit farfetched ... every girl in the group was talented." Though nobody was under any illusions that vocal duties were dished out evenly amongst the group, the extent of Nicole's apparent role was certainly eyebrow raising. Scherzinger had revealed, "I love those girls. They're like my sisters. But people don't even know the whole story. They have no idea. I was in the centre because I was singing." The girls producer Ron Fair has backed up Nicole's version of events - according to the Daily Mail - though Kaya refutes the remarks.

As of 2011, the group had sold 15 million albums and 37 million singles worldwide, making them one of the best-selling girl groups of all time.

Who Is The Mystery X-Factor Producer At Centre Of Fix Storm?

Louis Walsh Gary Barlow Rylan Clark Nicole Scherzinger

The X Factor has - once again - found itself at the centre of a 'fixing' scandal after a producer on the show was spotted crouching beside judge Louis Walsh, appearing to relay information ahead of the evening's tense judges' vote.

Country singer Carolynne Pool and the flamboyant, if heavily criticised Rylan Clark, had found themselves in the bottom two on Sunday (Oct 7), forcing them to sing for survival. Yorkshire-born Carolynne offered a reasonably pleasant rendition of Faith Hill's 'There You'll Be', though the talking-point of the performance came when cameras panned over the judging desk where a producer was seen whispering to Louis Walsh. Afterwards, the Irish-manager appeared give Carolynne his vote, though when asked to clarify his decision by host Dermot O'Leary he opted to save Rylan and therefore take the vote to deadlock, where the female singer lost out.

Head judge Gary Barlow appeared so disgusted by the result that he walked of the set, while speculation began to flare online that the plan was always to have Rylan advance to next week's show. Speaking on Radio Aire Breakfast with Rich and Naomi this week, Carolynne said she had noticed the conversation whilst singing, ".it was a bit off putting to be honest..." she added.

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Nicole Scherzinger: I Recorded Pussycat Dolls Albums, The Girls Heard Them Afterwards

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger has revealed a staggering secret about the production of The Pussycat Dolls' music and why she always appeared in the center during group photo sessions.

In an exclusive video on the Us Weekly website from the upcoming VH1 show 'Behind the Music', Nicole reveals that she was the only one who actually sang in the band and that the other Pussycat Dolls were the last to even hear the final studio efforts. "I love those girls, they're like my sisters, but people don't even know the story", she began. "They have no idea. I was in the centre because I was singing. I was the one singing." The band has previously been slated for placing too much emphasis on Nicole, with Margeaux Watson of Entertainment Weekly calling them 'a brand, not a band', and now we know why.

"I'll never forget I finished the album 'PCD' and [record producer] Ron [Fair] and I brought the girls into the studio and we played it for them, and it was the first time they'd ever heard the music", she confessed. "Do you understand what I'm saying? We played the album for the Pussycat Dolls. It was the first time they'd ever heard the songs. I probably did 95% of the album on my own."

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Does Chris Brown Have Some Explaining To Do? (To Lewis Hamilton)

Chris Brown Nicole Scherzinger Karrueche Tran Rihanna

Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger both delighted and confused the crowd at the Supperclub hotspot in Hollywood this week by firstly showing up in the first place and then appearing to get a little too close to each other. Star-struck revellers who noticed the pair were quickly asking the same questions: “Wait a minute, isn’t she with Lewis Hamilton,” and “Isn’t HE with Karrueche Tran?”

Grainy photographs from the evening appear to suggest Brown leaned in for a kiss from Nicole, though a representative for the Pussycat Doll told that the pair are simply “old friends” who were getting close because the music in the nightclub was too loud. “There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story regarding Nicole and Chris Brown. The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club. I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing,” the spokesperson said. Hmm, ok, but we can’t imagine Lewis is too happy with the cosy evening, or Karrueche, or even Rihanna for that matter! The Bajan pop star has been rumored to be considering a reunion with Brown, who was convicted of assaulting her before the Grammys in 2009. He is currently on probation, though received a good luck message from his ex-girlfriend on Twitter this week.

Brown and Scherzinger were part of the hosting line-up for the Black Pyramid Party in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (September 25, 2012).

Purely Platonic? Nicole Scherzinger Denies Kissing Chris Brown In Hollywood Club

Nicole Scherzinger Chris Brown Pussycat Dolls Rihanna

Nicole Scherzinger insists she did not kiss Chris Brown in a Hollywood nightclub. Some grainy photos of the pair have made their way online and Chris certainly seems to have Nicole in an uncompromising position – but you can’t say for certain from the photographs, whether the two of them were smooching or not. The X Factor judge Nicole has insisted that she was just chatting to Chris Brown at Hollywood’s Supperclub and that they’d had to get close so that they could hear each other talk.

The former singer for the Pussycat Dolls is adamant that her relationship with Brown is purely platonic. She and Chris were both in attendance at the club as part of a “star-studded line-up hosting the Black Pyramid Party,” on Tuesday night (September 25, 2012) according to the Press Association. Her rep told the press “There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story regarding Nicole and Chris Brown. The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club. I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing.”

This will be a relief to Rihanna of course, who is thought to be rekindling her romance with the R&B singer. On Monday, she even tweeted a message of support to him as he appeared in court to answer the case of a failed drug test which he was asked to take as part of his probation terms. The probation, ironically, relates to his 2009 assault on Rihanna, for which he was convicted.

Video - One Direction Take Aim And Fire At Photographers At 'Men In Black III' Premiere - Arrivals Part 3

Tommy Lee Jones arrives on the red carpet at the 'Men in Black III' premiere held at New York's Ziegfeld Theater alongside film co-star Josh Brolin and Josh's wife and 'Unfaithful' actress Diane Lane. Pussycat Dolls lead singer and former 'X Factor' judge Nicole Scherzinger makes an appearance, daring to go braless in a crimson gown with a loose front.

Cheeky Brit award winning boyband One Direction also made an appearance toting plastic Nerf guns and subsequently firing at the disgruntled photographers - one of which branded them 'f***ing idiots' as they were shot in the shoulder by one of the flying green plastic discs that serve as ammo for the popular toy

Nicole Scherzinger Wednesday 23rd May 2012 attends a photocall at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square for 'Men in Black 3'

Nicole Scherzinger

Men In Black III Trailer

Agents K and J work for the Men In Black, an organisation specialising in hunting down aliens. Agent J used to be known as James Darrell Edwards III and was recruited by Agent K, after the latter observed the former hunting down an alien in disguise while working for the NYPD.

Continue: Men In Black III Trailer

Video - Lewis Hamilton Visits His Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger At A House In Beverly Hills To Say Goodbye Before Heading Off To The Airport To Catch A Flight

British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton visits his girlfriend, singer and The U.S. X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger at a house in Beverly Hills to say goodbye before heading off to the airport to catch a flight

Nicole Scherzinger Sunday 12th June 2011 95-106 Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium - Arrivals London, England

Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger - Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger Wednesday 11th May 2011 at Wembley Arena London, England

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger and Playboy - Thursday 18th November 2010 at Funky Buddha London, England

Nicole Scherzinger and Playboy

Nicole Scherzinger - Friday 9th July 2010 at The X Factor Manchester, England

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger and Pussycat Dolls - Saturday 25th April 2009 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada

Nicole Scherzinger and Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls Friday 29th August 2008 at Rockefeller Plaza New York City, USA

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger

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