Nicole Scherzinger is back in the studio after a hiatus so long, most of us forgot her solo career had been a thing.

But that’s not all. A picture she tweeted today revealed that the X Factor judge is recording with none other than last year's finalist Jahmene Douglas. Well, it revealed that they were together in the studio at least, but that always means a collab is on the horizon, right? Scherzinger’s protégé finished second on the show last year, behind James Arthur, but it’s no surprise that she’s chosen him for a collaboration. Apparently the Whatever U Like singer has been keeping in touch with everyone from her group on the X Factor, in one way or another: “We don't speak every day but they seem to be trucking along really well. I'm happy for all my boys. They've all just got off the tour, and I know Jahmene is working on the music right now," she revealed for Digital Spy.

Nicole Scherzinger, Jahmene Douglas, Swindon
They've been tight ever since the show ended and now Jahmene and Nicole are working together as well. 

Soon after the show ended, it was revealed that Douglas had signed on to Sony’s RCA label, so while this collaboration may help him get some attention, it probably won’t be long until the X Factor graduate has a successful career of his own. Well, that’s if Scherzinger’s talent radar is correct, of course. Meanwhile, we’re left eagerly (more or less) awaiting both of their, releases and, of course, their collaboration.