Tough times for Nicole Scherzinger: she just doesn’t know if she wants to go back on X Factor or not - which means we all get bored while various sources wring their hands and talk about how tough the decision is for her. Oh look, here’s one now:

“Nicole just doesn't know if she can do both. It really is all or nothing for Nicole - she wants to be able to give 100% to whatever she signs up for” an insider told the MailOnline, continuing, “They've offered her a good deal but are still talking to her to work out if she can do both. She hasn't said no yet because she loves the UK - she got an amazing reaction from the public and she has set up her home here in London.”

Scherzinger was thought to be all but confirmed to be making a return for the new series, after impressing hugely as a judge on the last run-out. However, as this chat-happy source insists, it seems like things are far from clear. “The future's uncertain,” they said “and Nicole is concerned that it's a huge commitment to take both on. She's torn between the two and has to choose between one or the other - she loves both and she's in an impossible situation.” Please do it Nicole, we don’t want to write any more stories like this.

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger's clearly thinking hard about her decision here