Nicole Scherzinger is the mentor for the girl's category in this year's (2013) X-Factor competition.

The judge recently revealed that James Arthur and the rest of last year's X-Factor boys are fully supporting her "Scherzy girls".

The former Pussycat Doll appeared on ITV's Lorraine and said, "All of the Scherzy boys are supporting my Scherzy girls, they've all told me."

Nicole also insisted that she feels the girls category is the strongest group this year, "I have the strongest category I feel. I've got the best right here, so I'm coming in with some good contenders."

She added, "I am a girl, I've gone through a similar audition process before, I'm a pop star, so I know some of the fears that go along with it."

The confident 35 year-old will want to repeat her victory from last year's X-Factor which saw 24 year-old James Arthur win the recording contact.

Nicole isn't the only one who thinks the girls are favourites for this year's competition as she recently revealed in an interview with OK magazine that Simon Cowell believes she has the strongest group of talent.

"Simon's told me that he thinks I have the strongest category" Nicole told the magazine, but when she was asked if Simon gives out advice, her response was, "Does he tell me a thing or two? I tell you, I could tell him a thing or two!"

Will the assured Scherzinger repeat her success from last year's show or will it be the other judges turn to mentor the winning act?

This year Louis Walsh mentors the boys, Gary has the groups and Sharon has the Over 25s.

nicole scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger feels she has the strongest category in the girls