Nicole Scherzinger has a penchant for being scantily clad. She certainly likes to flaunt her body, much to (some) of her fans’ delight. But there is someone who would prefer her to keep her clothes on; her deeply religious mother, Rosemary Elikolani.

"I'm thirtysomething and she still calls me and scolds me. She says, 'I always tell you to not compromise yourself, Nicole'. She sees me as the highest daughter. She's very spiritual. She keeps me grounded she's my rock,” explains the Pussycat Doll. "The better part of me is my mother. I'm sure she's going to scold me for wearing a top that showed my bra while coming out of a restaurant in London the other day." The video for 'Hush Hush' sees Nicole getting out of a bath naked. She admitted: "When my video 'Hush Hush' came out, I was in the bathtub and she was like, 'You don't have to do that!' She's such a mum and I love her for that. She keeps me on the straight and narrow. She follows my career - that damn Google! I think my videos are art, but she has a different opinion!"

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger performs at G-A-Y - London, United KingdomPerhaps this is the kind of thing Nicole's mum would prefer to see

There are plenty of Mother’s Day cards to buy for Nicole; she has to appease her angry mum, and keep boyfriend Lewis Hamilton’s mothers happy. “I want to wish Lewis’s mum Carmen and stepmum Linda a happy Mother’s Day,” she added.