Nicollette Sheridan will have to wait a little longer to see if a judge rules that her contract on Desperate Housewives was wrongfully terminated, after the jury in the high profile trial said they were "having trouble" agreeing on a verdict.
The jury of nine women and three men began deliberations on Wednesday (March 14, 2012) on whether series creator Marc Cherry killed off Sheridan's character because the actress complained that he had hit her on the head during rehearsals, reports ABC News. Sheridan's lawyer Mark Bauter said, "I'm sensing some frustration and polarization", after the judge sent jurors home. Sheridan is seeking $5.7 million in damages and Baute believes the "majority" of jurors are in Nicollette's favour, adding, "but it requires nine to get to the finish line". Cherry claims the "hit on the head" was indeed a "light tap" and that he received approval from Abc to kill off Sheridan's character in May 2008. Sheridan's lawyer showed signs of frustration in court, saying, "It's not a 'Navy Seal Team Six, how are we going to kill Osama bin Laden decision".