Actress Nicollette Sheridan's ongoing wrongful dismissal trial has thrown up a major upcoming plot twist - James Denton's character, Mike Delfino, will be killed off in the latest episode, which airs in America on Sunday (11Mar12).
Producer George Perkins let the spoiler slip during testimony on Thursday afternoon (08Mar12) as he explained to the court that Sheridan's Edie Britt is not the most high-profile character to be killed off.
Perkins then went on to explain that Delfino would meet a grisly end this weekend as the series begins its final weeks.
Ironically, Denton was also in court on Thursday and testified that he was far from shocked when he heard Sheridan's character would be axed, stating, "People get killed off so often."
Asked if he was ever concerned about Delfino's demise, he added, "Always".
Denton also told the court he had no knowledge of a 2008 spat between series creator Marc Cherry and Sheridan, which ended with the writer/producer hitting the actress on the head to demonstrate an action in a scene.
Sheridan claims she was fired after complaining to TV executive about the incident. Cherry maintains he had decided to kill off Britt months before.
Denton is expected to be the only cast member to testify, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The trial continues.