The divorce proceedings between Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi are officially underway. According to The Telegraph. The celebrity couple, who have attracted staggering amounts of publicity with their marital rows in the past month, are looking to end the marriage as quickly and cleanly as possible. The pair reportedly have a combined net worth of 150 million, with art collector Saatchi accounting for 130 million, while Miss Lawson is believed to have earned a net worth of about 20 million with her cook books and television appearances.

Nigella Lawson, Disney Abc Television Group Event
From her show, Nigella is known as the Domestic Goddess. 

The spouses’ decree nisi will be pronounced on July 30th, meaning that, should everything go smoothly, Lawson and Saatchi would be able to complete their “amicable” divorce by mid-September – exactly three months after the pictures of their marital row in public first surfaced. It has been exactly a month today since the news first broke out.

Nigella Lawson, Locanda Locatelli
It seems the relationship has been steadily deteriorating over the past year or so.

Yesterday, the couple, who have maintained that they want an amicable divorce, issued their first joint statement together, since the pictures originally surfaced. The statement, according to The Telegraph, reads: “We can confirm that Fiona Shackleton is acting for Nigella Lawson to ensure a swift and amicable resolution. A divorce will proceed on the undefended basis, the decree nisi is to be pronounced on 31 July, and neither party will be making any financial claims against the other. Contrary to some reports, Charles Saatchi has not consulted lawyers and has represented himself throughout.”

Given all the media attention that the high profile divorce has attracted, it makes sense for Saatchi and Lawson to try and preserve some of their privacy during the difficult time.

Nigella Lawson, London
Lawson has moved out of the marital home.