While Charles Saatchi took to the press to announce his divorce plans, wife Nigella Lawson wasted no time before getting a lawyer – and an impressive one at that. The celebrity chef has enlisted the services of Fiona Shackleton for the split. Known as the “doyenne of divorce”, Shackleton has protected the interests of the likes of Paul McCartney, Prince Charles and Madonna, during their own high profile splits. It makes sense for Lawson to turn to Shackleton over any other divorce lawyer, however, since the divorce pro is also Lawson’s cousin. And let’s not forget her no nonsense style in court, either.

Nigella Lawson, London
Nigella has come under fire from her future ex-husband.

“Nigella never wanted it to come to this — but Fiona has been a rock of support and she is glad to have her on her side,” commented a source for The Sun. “Nigella is soft so she needs someone strong representing her — and they don’t come any tougher than Fiona. Charles must be quaking in his boots.”

Nigella Lawson, Book Promotion, New York
But she isn't taking it lying down.

Judging by Shackleton’s history, there’s a lot to be nervous about. In 2008, she defended Paul McCartney in his divorce from Heather Mills. In the end, Mills got less than a fifth of the £125 payout she was seeking. The disgruntled ex-wife got just £24,3 million, at which point she proceeded, presumably in anger, to dump a glass of water on Shackleton’s head. Still, a win is a win, and with Shackleton on her side, Nigella Lawson certainly looks geared for one.

Fiona Shackleton, Serpentine Gallery Summer Party
Fiona Shackleton is the celebrity chef's best bet.