Charles Saatchi told the Mail on Sunday that he will be divorcing his wife of ten years, television chef Nigella Lawson, amidst a breakdown in their relationship and following the publication of photographs clearly showing him with his hand around his wife's neck. This brings their decade-long marriage to a bitter end the art collector and Nigella are believed to be discussing the terms for divorce already and will have it finalised soon.

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Lawson hasn't seen her husband since the photos of the two at Scott's were published

The full list of reasons why Saatchi is looking to divorce his wife was all published in the Mail (on July 7) and reveals the real reason the couple were arguing at Scott’s restaurant in London last month, going on to mention how they have seemingly drifted apart recently and no longer see eye-to-eye on most matters. But perhaps most importantly of all, Saatchi wants a divorce because of how his wife ignored him throughout the abuse scandal and instead sided with her PR team to making him out as the husband from hell.

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Saatchi feels let down by his wife

Whilst the two were dining at the Mayfair restaurant the two were apparently discussing Nigella's daughter, Cosima, 19, and whether or not she should go to Oxford University, like her mother desired, rather than work full-time for The Economist, which was Saatchi's desired career path for his step daughter. This is when the two began to argue and things got violent and since then the pair haven't even spoken to each other. Saatchi has since given a public apology (which he described as 'embarrassing') and now the emasculated art dealer feels as though the marriage should end for good. Saatchi still maintains that he never meant his soon-to-be-ex-wife any harm.

It's a bitter end to a once seemingly golden marriage and after ten years together the two are looking to get their divorce over with a quickly as possible. You can probably expect to be reading about the end of their marriage for good by the end of the month.

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The celebrity chef is trying to get on with her life