Two former PA’s might get off recent fraudulent charges due to new documentation claiming Nigella Lawson was ‘off her head on drugs’. The claim was made in court ahead of the fraud trial of the two sisters that worked as personal assistants for the now-estranged couple, according to Sky News.

Nigella LawsonLawson was visibly shaken by the episode with Saatchi back in June

The two ladies - Italians Francesca Grillo, 41, and Elisabetta Grillo, 35 - are accused buying things for themselves with a credit card given to them by Saatchi and Lawson. The defendants deny the charges.

Specifically, the court heard of the accusation allegedly in an email from Mr Saatchi to Ms Lawson, which asserted the defendants "would get off" because Ms Lawson was "so off your head on drugs".

Did Nigella even know Saatchi was filing for divorce?

It read: "Now the Grillos will get off on the basis that you, Mimi (and another person) were so off your head on drugs you allowed them to spend whatever they like.” Judge Johnson said Mr Saatchi was asked by police to explain what he meant in the email.

The judge told the court that Mr Saatchi said: "At the time of sending the email I was completely astounded by the scale of drug use set out in the statements (from the defendants). Nevertheless I did believe the allegations that I'm referring to in the email.”

He added: "I have been asked whether it referred to a belief that Nigella or the children permitted the sisters to spend whatever they liked. I can't remember precisely what I had in mind. On reflection, I was simply speculating that the sisters would use this information to defend themselves."

Charles SaatchiCharles Saatchi alleges Nigella used drugs

It’s been a turbulent year for Lawson; in June, pictures which ostensibly showed Saatchi being violent towards her and grabbing her by the throat were published in a British tabloid. Visibly crying, Lawson left and soon after, the pair split and filed for divorce.

The millionaire art collector dismissed the episode at Scott’s Restaurant, in Mayfair, London, as a “tiff”. He later accepted a police caution.